How to share custom mission files.

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How to share custom mission files.

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Post by GillianTan » Fri Feb 16, 2018 7:14 am

1: Install AlliED and have XWA installed. (I use DSUCP 2.5)

1b: If using DSUCP, install updated shiplist and unzip updated shiplist; copy both files to the
AlliED folder

2: Open Allied, create a new mission, and design a mission

3: Save mission as 1b1m1allied.tie

4: Download and unzip XWA Piloteer. Load your pilot.

4b: Set the rank, rating, and medals to everything highest (on bottom of lists)

4c: Set the Current Mission to [Reserved One]

5: Ready to play. Mission is playable where you click normally for the campaign.

6: Share the custom map by saving the file as anything, to archive it.
Then upload your current 1b8m1allied.tie to an online archive.
To play someone elses map, if they also named it 1b8m1allied.tie ,
download it and overwrite your current file. Files can be exchanged via website(wiki), forums, emails, exe files / installers, etc.

Notes: Let me know if there's anything that should be added/specified. Paraphrase it as you will.
Image of rough draft found below

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