Starcraft Huds and annoying markings

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Starcraft Huds and annoying markings

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Post by Pqs_net » Sun Nov 29, 2009 11:14 pm


Just joined your site!
Ive been on other sites that is old since 1999.
But this one is up to date :D

First i want to say i'm glad there are enthusiastic people still loving X-wing alliance!
Im a big fan of the old first games!

I love ur work so far, altho i havnt seen much, since i just got here.

Even tho i red most common questions and understand you wont change already
done work, i still got some comments.
I should say too that i can be somewhat critical, but im a perfectionist so
please dont take it the wrong way.
I just want it to be as good as i see its on its way to be!

1) The huds look great, the rebel ones somewhat similar to Rouge Squadron hoods.
But.. my personal opinion is that for space game, they are a bit bright.
Therefore i think they look very much added or put on... Darken parts a bit and they
should fit in more to the background, feel more in space and automatically adding more deph :)
This i thought was a problen also in the original games!

Gunboat ... 2AE9B680||

B-wing ... 2AE9B680||

2) The default view in the rebel cockpits i hope is so that you actually dont see the feet.
so that the cockpit-panel start is in the bottom of the screen. like in the prior versions of Starwars games.

The A-wing hood dont look to addup with the other model pictures.
Shouldnt the "Hud-circle" be closer to the pilot in POW? At least thats how it looks on the outside pics
and in the actual hud.

Here is annother cool A-wing Hud

3) It would be cool if anyway possible add the pilots body in the cockpit view.
Legs arms body :) just look around while u sit u self, and u see how it looks when u look up/down etc :)

For the rest im not sure if this is the right place to post but..

I would really like to know how to get rid of the "fighter markings" in the skirmish.
The friendly fighters are marked with white squared markings (probably to see who is your rebel
friends) and its so fucking annoying to the feeling.

Is there anyway to deselect the code activating it?

I also found a way ive longed after for 10 years.
How to fly diffrent crafts such as cruisers etc..
and via the same way

How to make your own epic battles with over 10 Cruisers in mega battles!

Please write me back on both my feedback, and my questions
and or wether you already know how to add 6 cruisers in 1 slot :)

Many thanks, ill keep a close eye on this site and your great work!!


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