Test flight

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Test flight

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Post by Draconian » Wed May 15, 2013 9:03 pm

After downloading the X-wing Alliance upgrade pack, I took each of the playable craft for a test flight and took some time to admire the artistry that had gone into each ship design. When I encountered problems with a craft, I downloaded each malfunctioning ship individually to ensure I had the latest version. Below is a list of the good and bad points of the upgrade, although the bad points are little more than minor niggles:

- Excellent art quality
- Incredibly detailed models, all including a cockpit which appears transparent from an exterior view.
- Individual cockpit interiors for all civilian ships (not present in the unmodified game). All cockpit interiors provide a realistic field of view when piloting the craft from a first-person perspective.
- Notable changes in some of the craft (such as the Tie Defender) which make them look much more authentic, fitting into the Star Wars universe more neatly than the original designs.
- Darth Vader's TIE Advanced prototype now available.
- Experimental TIEs and YT-2400 Corellian Transport now playable.
- Celebrity pilots! (Han Solo and Chewbacca, Boba Fett, Darth Vader, etc.)

- The YT-2400 has no engine noise.
- Although Dash Rendar appears to be piloting the YT-2400, there is no sign of Leebo (although, given the limited amount of reference material for anyone wanting to draw him, I can understand why Leebo might have been left out).
- In the complete upgrade pack, the Lambda Shuttle is playable, but has no engine noise or cockpit. The HUD also features no laser charge indicators.
- In the complete upgrade pack, the Muurian Transport is playable, but has no engine noise or cockpit. Furthermore, the pilot's viewpoint is positioned incorrectly, almost directly above the inner right-hand laser cannon.
- When downloaded individually, the Lambda Shuttle and Muurian Transport are not playable.
- The Starchaser's missiles appear to fire from the centre of the craft's hull, although no launch tubes or missile racks are visible there.

All in all, I find the amount of work that has obviously gone into the upgrade project staggering, and the attention to detail in all the designs is amazing. The project has breathed new life into one of my favourite games and I eagerly look forward to any new additions to the upgrade that the team produces in the future.

One thing I should note (although I may have mentioned it already), I would like for the Lambda Shuttle and Muurian Transport to be playable in future releases if at all possible. I consider all of the other problems I have noted to be little more than minor details, but I felt it might help if you knew about them anyway.

Keep up the incredible work!

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