Permission for using XWA screenshots?

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Permission for using XWA screenshots?

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Post by Su-tehp » Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:56 pm

Hey guys, I know this probably isn't an issue but I just want to make sure. I'm a member of the Rancor Pit forum and a friend of mine and I are making some new WEG stats for several starships. I want to use screenshots of several ships on this website to use as the illustrations for our D6 stat sheets. Considering that I'm going to cite XWAUP as the source of the pics (not to mention that "X-Wing Alliance Upgrade" is prominently displayed in the captions of all the screenshots), there isn't any issue in me using your screenshots, is there?

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Post by Forceflow » Sun Nov 26, 2017 8:42 am

Sorry for the late reply:

Please see the Rules section of the page:
Everything that you find on this server is property of the XWA Upgrade project. This means you may not take anything from the server and use it for your own purpose in any way without the approval of the XWA Upgrade Team! There are some exceptions:
a) you may use and modify anything you find here for your own purpose, but never make it public in case you do
b) you may use the screenshots provided on the page for your own purposes, but you need to keep the copyright intact!
c) you may do screenshots of all models yourself and then do whatever pleases you with those shots!
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