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If you have reached the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade Project (XWAUP) site, it is because you have purchased a copy of the X-Wing Alliance (XWA) CD-ROM, Good Old Games, STEAM, (...) game. For any version you have, on this site you can find files "installer" to perform an upgrade of the game. XWAUP aims to improve the graphics of XWA, without altering the playability.

The XWAUP team has been working on this project for more than fifteen years, and today it is experimenting with new advanced functions. Only after they have been tested and approved by the team will they be part of the official upgrade. XWAUP is vast, but you do not have to be scared. If your goal is to install the Ugrade, without having to understand how the backstage works, read below some simple information, which will allow you to play without losing too much time.

Have you installed your original XWA copy successfully? Very well, then you're almost done. Now you only have to download the XWAU Craft Pack (XWAUCP), which you find in the Download section. This contains all the Upgrades, including the DTM's Super Backdrop and other patches that you can find in the Download section. XWAUP is equipped with an easy and intuitive installer. Follow the instructions provided and choose the installation possibilities according to your personal taste. The installer automatically creates a back-up copy of all the files that are modified, so you can uninstall the package at any time, and reinstall it again, perhaps opting for other installation choices.

Do you want more?
Do you want to have a spaceship that the XWAUP team has just released? The XWAUCP is heavy, and is not updated every time. That's why there are installers to update every single vehicle. Download the latest news from the Download section and launch the installer * .exe files. Follow the instructions and have fun!

Do you want more?
Do you want to stay up-to-date on developments in game functions? Make sure you always have all the updated "hooks". What is a "hook"? The hook is a way to inject code into XWingAlliance.exe. It enhances, adds a feature to, or fixes a problem with the game. Simply, paste into the XwingAlliance game folder and you do not have to do anything else. The hooks are automatically installed with the XWAUP installers: if you are afraid of losing some updates use to easily downoald the hooks.

1) Run XwaHooksSetup.exe.
2) It will create a directory named "Hooks" and download the hooks from GitHub into this directory. To redownload the hooks, delete the directory "Hooks".

Do you want more?
The world of XWA extends beyond XWAUP. There are sites that can provide vehicles (OPT) that are not included in the original XWA game. The Forum is populated by authors (OPT authors), who always release new spaceships and space vehicles, often contained in other expansion packages or single downloads. Use the Link section to explore new worlds, but remember to always start from the Darksaber X-Wing Station: here you can find the Darksaber’s Ultimate Craft Pack (DSUCP), an Upgrade that contains everything you find in the XWAUCP, but with many other additional spaceships and new customizations. There are also other Upgrade pack, “children“ of XWAUP, and there will be more and more...

Do you want more?
Do you want to have multiple versions of XWA installed on your computer? Maybe you want to always have the opportunity to play the original version of the game, without having to always uninstall the XWAUCP? Or do you want to have a copy of the game, to experiment? No problem: before installing the XWAUCP make a copy of the "XwingAlliance" game folder and keep it somewhere. Make as many copies of the game as you want! To play with one of them, just double click on the file xwingalliance.exe. Just remember: the installers are programmed to install themselves in the original location of the game, so you'll have to learn how to manage the different copies of the game, moving them or changing the installation paths.

Do you want more?
You already start to be an expert. If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section and our Wiki section. If you still do not have the answer you want, use our Forum. Have fun!

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