Open War: A galaxy in flames

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Marcus Pitto sighed as he studied the reports from Mandalore. They had come from a pair of fighters on station in the system, the last to examples of their kind in the Empire. They were TIE Phantoms, and the last remnants of an experimental project that had looked very promising, before rebel operatives had destroyed it. The project had set up a backup, howver, and the second squadron of these advanced stealth fighters had been hidden away in one of the Emperor's many storehouses. During the course of the Empire's slow fracturing, many of these storehouses had been found and broken into by loyalists and separatist warlords alike. Pitto considered himself fortunate that Psi Squadron had been found by loyalists, though over the years most of the eight fighters had been squandered by the commanders who used them, and the two that had been given to Pitto were now the last in existence, and accordingly he used them sparingly. Normally, he would never have dispatched both on one mission, but in this case, the severity of the circumstances demanded it.
The reports he had received from the cloaked vessels were not promising, given his recent acquisition of the Mandalorian Imperialist's services, he needed a sizeable force to expend on those of his enemies, but the Mandalorians were currently doing their very best to wipe each other it. The presence of the hated ESS did little to aid the situation.
"Patch me through to the Mandalorian commander," Pitto ordered the communications officer, who complied swiftly.
Though Ord Sedra, where Pitto's Mandalorian allies were currently situated, was not far from Bastion, galactically speaking, the distance was stil enough for there to be a slight delay as the hyperwave transceivers were properly aligned, and faint static once the connection was established.
"High Commander," Pitto addressed the Mandalorian, knowing that the title was effectively meaningless now, "I don't know how good your information from Mandalore is, but I regret to inform you that your emperor is dead. I will assume that puts you in a significant position of authority now. My suggestion to you would be to order your surviving compatriots to retreat, as hard as that may sound. Mandalore is lost, plain and simple. If we are to retake the planet, we will need the full strength of the Mandalorian Empire, along with the forces the Galactic Empire will provide. Moreso for the revenge I promise you will come.
I gave you my word that we will see the traitors destroyed, along with their new allies, and I fully intend to fulfill that promise, but we need the strength of unity behind us. I'll be honest with you, Malzic was an idiot, but he had ideals. The Mandalorians can find strength and honour in a single, unified Empire, but it needs a strong will to drive it. More importantly, it needs a clear head and experience in the ways of war, this is where Malzic failed, but where you can succeed. Assume command of the Mandalorian Empire, Tyvis, and so long as you submit to the ultimate will of the Empire I serve, we will give you all the support you need.
I appreciate serving another is hard, but think of all the success the Mandalorians have had in the past under the rule of non-Mandalorians: The Great Sith War, The Mandalorian Resurgence Wars under Graben Vulf's Dark Cadre, even the Mandalorain legacy of the Grand Army in the Clone Wars served the Republic well. This will be another triumph for the Mandalorian people, I promise you, but not if the wreckage of your fleets float above Mandalore. Call the retreat, Commander, and have them scatter before meeting with you, ensure they are not tracked here: no one can know of this allegiance until the skies of their worlds are darkened by the combined fleets of our two empires. Admiral Pitto out."
Pitto sat back in his chair and smiled, as he let his speech sink in, convinced he knew what the response would be.


Darron rubbed his eyes, and leaned forward again in his chair, taking another sip from the mug in his hand as he did so. The caf the Imperials drank was certainly different from the coffee of Bricera, or the synthesised subsitute they grew on New Cophuran, but it still tasted good, and the caffeine content was the important factor in his drink choice at that moment. Putting the mug back on the desk, Larcoon resumed his labours on the computer terminal. As if attempting to access ESS networks without using his own specific clearance - which not only would most likely have been deactivated, but could also be used to track him - wasn't difficult enough, he was having to struggle with the Imperial interfacr system, which was almost completely different from the system used back in the ESS, for one thing the inane autosearch feature the system kept suggesting he use was driving him insane, the damned thing had only pointed him at things from within internal Imperial data caches, and even then to items whose only relevence was a few coincidentally identical characters.
However, he had finally managed to work his way into an ESS data archive, desperately looking for anything that might be useful in finding Myrna. Though anything she did now would be highly classified, she had been a famous figure after the defeat of the Dhilani, certainly she had been in the public eye, and her existence could not simply be covered up. There must be some hard data on her somewhere accessible, and anything could be of use. A few minutes later, Darron finally thought he'd stumbled on something, a mention of her name on a public high school roster. Just as he attempted to access the file, however, the autosearch chimed in again. Darron swore, and returned to his caf; he had been so close. Looking back at the screen, Darron saw to his surprise that this time the autosearch had managed to find something relevent, very relevent in fact. Myrna's name had been entered into a bounty database, and her status was listed as 'in custody'.
Surely not, Darron thought, there was no way some simple bounty hunter could have capture Myrna, especially as he had never put out a bounty on her head, not even considered it; though he supposed perhaps he should have, trying every angle couldn't hurt. Checking the entry, Darron saw it listed under poster 'Wanted by the Empire'. Well that made sense, Darron supposed, certainly Pitto had had dealings with her in the past. But still Darron could not see Myrna being captured, it must be a trap of some sort. On the other hand, he had only come across the information thanks to a quirk in the Imperials impossibly complex computer system, it had not been put in front of him to find easily, as one would expect of bait. A double ruse? Darron sat back again, his mind churning.
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Tyvis watched the holoscreen as a massive Mandalorian Imperial army closed in on Shiromy's forces. The High Commander previously in charge of this force was supposed to take Malzic's place as emperor. He was a heartless brute of a man, and hated by his troops. It wasn't hard to convince his men to shoot him and take control themselves but now obeying Tyvis's orders. He had killed two mynocks with one stone. These remnants of the Mandalorian Empire should keep everyone busy for long enough.
One of his men approached him. "Sir, General Kareen's shuttle has landed."
Kareen was the name of the officer Pitto had sent to "oversee" Tyvis's operations once he had agreed to an alliance with Pitto.
Good. So the first steps in this new alliance have been taken."
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The Mandalorians had recovered far quicker than Shiromy had expected. Soon they were facing heavy suppressive fire. And while Shiromy had an easy time taking out the infantrists in close combat there were yet too many to ever get close to any of the snipers without breakign her self-set restrictions. Shiromy grimace. She was growing tired of this charade. Oh, to hell with self-restrictions!
"Get your men off the field!" She said to Trevar. "I will take it from here. Move!"
While she spoke she finally let go, fully gave in to her powers. A bright blue aura of energy lit up and surrounded her. Trevar nodded and stalked off quickly, waving his men to follow.

As they hurried off sent a blastwave into the ground, disrupting its structure. The earth crawled and wobbled across the battlefield, as though she were shaking out a bed sheet. Mandos and tanks alike were thrown into the air like toys, before dropping and submerging deep into the liquified soil. Rain had to quickly extend a pair of dragon wings to not get trapped as well. When the stirred ground finally came to rest again Shiromy was standing against a mere hundred that remained of the Mandalorians. And yet they were regrouping for another attack. It was amazing, how persistent they were, with each strike Shiromy cut their numbers in half, yet some rose again and kept fighting. It was admirable no matter how ridiculous it seemed against an opponent they had no chance defeating. Straightening herself she walked towards them. Already the steadily increasing power around her started to eat away at the ground beneath her. Fissures opened all around her spitting fire into the air. More and more bits of ground around them broke off and dropped into the firy abyss below, ultimately isolating them on a single piece of land in a sea of lava. Raising her voice Shiromy addressed them.
"Mandalorians, you have lost. Accept defeat and stand down and I will spare what is left of you!"

A single Warrior stepped out of the group and came walking towards her.
"It doesn't matter, if you defeat us here and now. Others will come and finish what we started."
Shiromy slightly tilted her head and regarded him for a moment. The man's face was hidden under his combat helmet. With a slight guesture she made the piece of armor vaporize like a pile of ash at a gust of wind revealing the scarred face of a warrior who had seen many battles in his long life, whom nothing could impress anymore.
"What is your name, soldier?" She queried.
"Carmyn Dalckar" The man said grimly.
"Carmyn Dalckar," she repeated. "Your face tells the story of many battles lost and won. You have seen a lot of war, probably more than I have. Therefore you must see that this battle is lost. Your weapons cannot harm me or my men, there's no point in fighting."
"Sorry, but I have my orders." The man said simply. "My task is to hold you off or apprehend you. If I die in trying so, then so be it. If I let you go, I will be executed as a traitor. I will rather die in honor and glory than in shame and dishonor."
While he spoke Shiromy reached out and observed the skies above Mandalore. The battle had mostly died down. The massive ship that had left the planet was gone, too. There was a general atmosphere of grim optimism.
"The war is over." She eventually said. "Mandalore has lost."
"This war isn't over." Dalckar growled. "You may have defeated us here, but Malzic will-"
"Malzic is dead." Shiromy cut him off.
"No" he gasped. The mere thought of this seemed to cause him pain. "it can't be true!"
"It is true. I could feel his death earlier." Shiromy insisted. "He's dead and his ship was destroyed."
Dalckar grew silent as he was beginning to believe her words. "I do not ask you to surrender, just don't stand in my way any longer."
"Then kill me!" the Mandalorian demanded and straightened. "But I will not let you go."
"Giving your life for a 'good cause' is one thing." Shiromy said calmly. "But if you die now, it will be for nothing." Her eyes pierced his gaze. "Don't throw your life away like that! Live now to fight another day! I will be waiting for you." With these words she turned around and walked off.

"NO!" she heard him cry out in anger, accompanied by the sharp sound of a blade being drawn. Anger rose in her. Anger about his foolishness and blind fanatism. She turned around to face him again. His movements were depressingly slow. With one hand she fired a single energy blast. When the fireball dissolved there was nothing left of him but a spot of burned earth. For a moment she stared at the empty space, before once again addressing the Mandalorians. "Listen to me!" She called out to them, more vehemently this time. "He was foolish" she pointed at the ground before her. "and his death was unnecessary. But maybe it was not invain." She made a pause to let the words sink into their minds. "He died so you could live." She focussed the Mandalorians one by one. "Learn from his failure and you won't have to share his fate."

Once again Shiromy turned around and walked away.


"What exactly are you?"
"Hm?" Mryna frowned as Harmony suddenly appeared in her cabin.
"My readings show a large portion of electronics and bionics in your body, somethinga around 15 percent. I usually get such values from people with prosthetic limbs.
"I've got a few implants for various functions."
"A few?" Harmony repeated and - very much like a real human - sceptically rose an eyebrow. "I count 69 artificial components."
"Quite a few, indeed." Mryna had to admit. "I didn't know it was that much, I stopped counting at some point."
"What do they do?" Harmony asked. She somehow reminded Mryna of a curious little girl. Obviously, she wasn't.
"Well, what do your sensors tell you?"
Harmony shrugged. "Not much, they're secured and shielded pretty well. I had no success in analysing their purpose and functionality."
Mryna grinned. "Well, then I suppose it'll remain my big secret."
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Roscha set her new fighter down in the hanger of the Achilles. She figured it was revenge enough against her husband to take the prototype of the new Dragon fighter for his going off into the unknown without her again. Taking a few steps toward the turbo lift Roscha was hit by the shockwave of Shiromy going all out with her abilities. It was enough to cause her to stumble. After a few long moments of rubbing her temples and getting back her balance Roscha decided to get in contact with her pupil. Trying to destroy the planet are we?
I did what was needed. These Mandalorians don't quit even when faced with defeat. was Shiromy's reply
Granted, but wasn't there another way to do what was needed? No probably not. You are much like Mako in former power and in the way you think. Why do things with a single thought or an energy blast when you could do it with your bare hands. It's just that I think you forget for every one of these outbursts you paint a large target on your head.
I've done what I had to to protect my men, and given the choice I'd do it again.
Yes my dear Ferris I'm sure you would. Now let's finish up this skirmish and start talking terms of surrender. Mako has asked me to aquire Mantooine.
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When David realized what Sheromy was doing, he encircled the area with his magic to prevent the damage from spreading beyond the battlefield, then did his best to prevent the cataclysmic volcano she seemed to be doing here damnedest to cause. When she finally finished with her show, he set about settling the mantle, and knitting the crust back together. When he was done, he grew a massive garden over the whole battlefield as a finishing touch. Kids these days, never cleaning up their own messes... He was interrupted from his thought be the roar of a bomber overhead, and he looked up as it dropped its first bomb. Oh no you don't! he thought, then reached out with his mind and threw the explosive back where to came from, destroying the craft. The next bomber was met with a lance of fire that produced a gratifying explosion, and the third was crushed by a giant invisible fist. A BattleWyrm rifted out right on top of the fourth bomber, and shredded it. Several more wyrms followed it out, and they circled the garden, occasionally roaring out a challenge.
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Shiromy frowned as she watched Rain's wyrms dispatch of the bombers. Some handy trick, no denying.

"Your highness" Trevar called as he came running towards her. "The Carthia's been hit!" He pointed skywards. As she followed his directions she beheld the shadow of a burning Corvette plummeting towards the ground a few miles to the east. Focussing her powers she got ahold of the ship and slowed down its descent until it was able to touch down in an almost regular manner. The fighters that had shot the ship down were soon taken care of by the battlewyrms.
"Any news from the fleet?"
"None yet." Trevar replied. "Communications are being jammed and we're unable to locate their beacons without proper equipment."
Shiromy closed her eyes and her view wandered the land around them. There were a few major installation but none showed the characteristics of what she was looking for. As her mind opened further she detected something else. A group of ships - fighters mostly - that were entering the atmosphere at high velocity. Concentrating on them she found a familiar presence. "Fett."
"Your highness?"
"I think we can discard about the jamming beacons for now." She motioned towards the sky. "It looks like our backup has just arrived. Could you recover the flight recorder?"
"Yes, your highness."
"Good." Shiromy said. "Have your men withdraw from the Erebus and head over to the Carthia."
Her orders were carried out swiftly. Soon the Erebus was abandoned. Extending a hand Shiromy opened another fissure below the wreckage and dropped it into its firy grave before closing the fissure again.
"That's another way of scrap disposal." Rain commented with a smirk as he came strolling towards them. "Too bad there's only so few people with your abilities. One could make the streets a lot cleaner."
Shiromy sighed. Roscha's words echoed in the back of her head. "Maybe it's better that way. If there were more people like me, the galaxy would be a wasteland within a month."
"The galaxy is a wasteland. It's just that most people can't look that far. Besides," he shrugged. "I was referring to your powers, not your way of using them."
Shiromy grinned. "Funny to hear that from you, 'Mr. Invincible'"
"What the..." Rain made a face. "I told him not to tell-"
"We're married, David." Shiromy mocked. "What did you expect?"


Aboard the Red Star II Ray watched, as the Jango was towed into the spacious repair yard orbiting the planet Dorcal. The Miton System was the ESS' north-most star system near the crimson Levion gas-cloud, close to Corellian borders. The fleet that had captured the Mandalorian flagship had taken the not unrisky but quick route through the narrow narrow Dilmont passage to get the captured ship from Mon Calamari to its new home for the next few months. The repairs would take quite some time, especially, as in size the Jango almost matched the Traquia- or Dominance-class. A great catch no denying that.

The beeping of the holocomm caught his attention and he turned away from the viewport. Before him the holo of Admiral Connor appeared. "Sir, we received word from Mandalore. The Mandalorian Flagship Brutus has been destroyed and Emperor Malzic has been reported dead. The Mandalorian fleet is in disarray. We're en route there, but our ships may not be needed there any longer."
"That is good news, Admiral." Ray commended. "The Emperor will be pleased to hear all this. Proceed to Mandalore nonetheless. While there may be not much left to fight, a strong presence there can turn out useful."
"Understood, Sir." Connors acknowledged. "We'll be there in about half an hour." And the holo faded.

"You expect another attack?" Ray almost jumped at the sudden voice behind him. As he turned around he found Vince standing at the viewport watching the scenery outside.
"The Mandalorians won't give up that easily." Ray explained. "Even with the fleet over Mandalore defeated, there's more out there."
"You speak of the fleet that ran off with the Empire?"
"Exactly." Ray agreed. "Connor was able to identify the imperial fleet at Mon Calamari. They were led by the Proditus."
"Pitto." Vince's expression darkened. "I should have known."
"Unlikely as it may sound," Ray said grimly. "Mandalorians under imperial flag give me a headache. We may need to accelerate work on the Sovereign."
Vince seemed to deliberate that for a moment, then he nodded.
"Do what is needed."


"Anything new yet?" Mryna asked, as she strolled into the Dawn's mess. Jack was sitting at a console monitoring numerous communications channels. The Dawn had docked at a neutral, slightly pro-imperial space station somewhere at the borders of imperial space. A good place to intercept the latest gossip.
"Hardly." He answered with a shrug. "It's not like you've made it onto the Empire's most-wanted-list already, that takes work. You know, the kind of badass antihero the kids wanna be like. That'd make your capturing more popular."
"well, good thing I've arranged for some PR action to boost our popularity."
Jack gave her a puzzled frown.
"I sent a distress call to my flagship. They should be arriving shortly."
"What?" Jack squeaked and jumped up from his seat. "You could have warned me about that."
As he started for the cockpit Mryna held him back. "Not yet. Leaving now while they're not even here will undermine our credibility. Wait until they arrive and target us. Then get the hell out. You may even take one or two strafe hits for the show."
Jack could only shake his head. "And here I thought I had crazy ideas." A beeping on Mryna's wrist console disturbed them.
"Here they come." She said. "You better get to the cockpit. My people don't know this is all fake."
"Great!" Jack mumbled while stalking into the cockpit.


Aboard the Seraphim Sheal Draykh mustered the area around the space station. Defenses were scarce and there were mainly civilian craft in the area. Not much military presence to stop them. But they weren't here to blow up the station anyway. One single ship was their target.
"I've got her." Kane said. "The signal's coming from a ship on one of the docking arms."
"Open a channel." Sheal said. And straightened himself, while reading through the data on their target. The ship went by the name Ascension Dawn. It had followed The Black Scorpion to New Cophuran, then had disappeared.
"Ascension Dawn, this is the ESS Seraphim. Hold your position and prepare to be boarded!"
There was no answer. Obviously.
"He's moving." Kane reported. "Setting course outsystem."
"Ascension Dawn, this is my last warning. Power down your engines immediately or you will be fired upon."
"ESS Seraphim, this is Outpost Cartron IV. We advise you to cease your aggressive actions against our guests and leave the system."
"Negative Cartron IV. We are in pursuit of a terrorist who has captured a high ranking ESS official, do not interfer!"
"He's picking up speed!" Kane said.
"Disable him before he can escape!" Sheal barked. Moments later a wave of blue lances shot towards the target but only one barely hit its target.
"Man, that guy can fly." Monk grunted. "Modified thrusters and shields. Bounty hunter I bet."
"Keep shooting, we cannot loose her!"
"Too late, he's jumping!" Kane said frustratedly. In the distance Sheal could see the ship burst out of the system.
"Track them down! he won't get another chance to escape!"
Sheal leaned back and closed his eyes. Hold on, Princess, we're coming!
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Vorak watched from the bridge of the Free Bird as his ship followed the rest of the Viper fleet into hyperspace. The battle in space was over. The surface battle was all but over, and he didn't feel like staying for the party. His thoughts were now on his secret new prize, now onboard the Venom. Carson had informed him over a secure comm channel that Vorak reserved for communications between him and his top, most trusted lieutenants. He was impressed with how the "Admiral" had handled the situation. The only others under his command that would have known had probably been fed a very convincing partial-truth cover-up story. They now had little reason to think about it anymore, while Vorak was could think of nothing but this potential goldmine he had stumbled upon.
Well, he may not be the most trustworthy guy in the galaxy, but I'll hang on to Carson for now, if only for his Corellian luck.[ /i]
Xiana sighted down another bomber. Her lasers tore through it almost effortlessly. She could hear her wing members cheering excitedly. "Woohoo!" "Got him!" "You can put it on the board!" The appearance of Rain's wyrms had emboldened her pilots. Soon, this battle would be over.
Then, Fett's target-lock indicator started beeping. "Hey Commander, you got one on your tail!"
Osik. These bombers weren't intended to be good dogfighters, but it didn't matter when they were armed with advanced all-purpose torpedoes.
"Hey Fett, he got one off on you!"
She activated her countermeasures. They didn't seem to do anything. Now she executed a series of quick and complex evasive maneuvers.
Her fighter spun out of control. She frantically struggled to regain control. She was successful, but now had to deal with a safe crash landing. The battlefield below grew closer and closer.
The Mandos seemed to have no intent on surrendering. Shiromy could just wipe them all out, but that was beginning to be a real drag. All of a sudden, there were a few startled cries and murmurs from her troops and the Mandalorians. Some of them were looking up and pointing skyward.
Shiromy looked up. "What the fu......?"
It was Fett's fighter. She had been hit and was screaming towards the ground. Shiromy sensed Fett's calm quickly eroding. She was coming in too fast and wasn't pulling up enough. Shiromy used her powers to slow down the landing. Fett's fighter skidded on the ground, making a huge skid in the dirt. Her fighter looked all but hopeless of flying again, but the pilot was okay. Xiana stepped out, coughing and brushing herself off. She threw back a glance at Shiromy that seemed to say, "Was that you?"
"Yup." was Shiromy's facial reply.
The Mandalorians looked at her, shocked. "Ah, the disgrace to the Fett name shows her face." Said a tough-looking bald man, stepping forward. He looked like the commander.
"Ah, but not all of Malzic's propaganda holds truth."
"That's an understatement!" Was heard from somewhere in the ESS ranks. Probably a just one of the grunts. None of them wanted to be here. Xiana didn't blame them.
Xiana replied to the bald Mandalorian and his troops, 'You probably know that Malzic is dead, or have at least heard rumors. They are true. What you don't know is how he died." She paused for a moment. "I killed him." The Mandos' murmuring grew louder.
"Fool! You couldn't hope to kill Malzic on your best day!" Shouted the Mandalorian commander.
"Then why do I have this?" Fett tossed out a long, gleaming object. It was a beautiful and lethal looking Mandalorian sword and it wasn't just any sword either. It was instantly recognizable to the Mandos. Malzic's prized sword, whose name roughly translated to Flame of Glory. There was more murmuring. Fett continued. "You know as well as I that Malzic was a great swordsman and loved that sword. He almost always had it with him in its sheath. It's not something he would just leave behind if he was alive. It was like a part of him. I am just as much of a warrior as Jango, Boba, and Jaster were. I am not weak. You will not accomplish anything by continuing this fight. How un-Mandalorian! Where's the profit from all this bloodshed? Our fleets are defeated." She indicated Shiromy and her soldiers. "Aretuiise are right here on our doorstep. On the surface of Mandalore!" She emphasized the last sentence, then indicated them again. "But look at them! They don't want to be here! They won't harm us anymore. I have talked to Emperor Vince Trageton myself. I have his word that no harm will come to us. We have a natural talent for coming back from the dead. We will rebuild. I promise you we will rebuild! But I just need your cooperation."
There was a pause. The Mandalorians mumbled amongst themselves, worried about their fate. The ESS troops stood by, probably feeling a little awkward, and probably wanting to get the Hell off that miserable rock ASAP. The Mandalorian commander stepped forward and spoke. "I have been given promises of a brighter future now by two emperors, and now by you. I can't say I'm certain that you will make anything better for us, but I can say I'm now certain that nothing will be gained by our dying. A truly strong man woundn't waste his life in a useless battle. I surrender my troops."
He extended his hand. Fett shook. Everyone cheered.
Fett smiled, but there was a huge thought running through her head now. What did he mean when he said he'd been promised a better future by two emperors?"
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Shiromy watched as the tugs picked up the damaged Carthia and rose it from the ground. She had to smile as more and more tugs had to attatch to pick up the heavy ship. Pulling something in space was easy, once gravity played a role, things got considerably more difficult. Eventuaally a total of seven tugs managed to lift the corvette and sluggishly pulled it into space. Meanwhile another Corvette came in and touched down to pick up the remaining troops. Then, finally, a Combat Yacht landed close to where Shiromy and the others were standing, ready to pick up the Empress.

"So this is it." She said. "The war between Mandalore and the Empire of the Seven Suns is over."
"Yes," Fett acknowledged. "I am grateful that you did what was in your power to keep casualties low. I also realize it was a good choice to have you on our side."
Shiromy shrugged. "My husband once said we were at war with Malzic, not Mandalore. Malzic was a danger to his own people. We did what had to be done, as did you."
Fett nodded and stayed silent for a moment. Then she said. "It will take a while to undo the damage Malzic has caused, getting his twisted ideals and dogmas out of the people's heads, but rest asured that no more harm will be done to you by the Mandalorian people."
"I am thankful for your words, Commander Fett" Shiromy said - and in a more formal tone continued. "I am sure we can elaborate a formal peace treaty that will be beneficial for all of us. For now," She offered the Mandalorian a hand. "I bid you farewell."


Vince received Shiromy's message at late noon.
"So Fett killed Malzic and convinced the Mandos to surrender." He repeated.
Shiromy's hologramm nodded. "She has a strong will and is a formidable fighter." Shiromy said. "The Mandalorians have learned their lesson, not to question her heritage. I'm arranging a meeting for all parties to elaborate a peace treaty. Roscha and Rain will attend as well."
Vince grinned. "Of course. Everyone wants a piece of the pie."
"You know, something always bothered me: When you met Malzic hand he threatened you with war, you could just have vaporized him there and then. But you didn't."
Vince shrugged. "It wouldn't have changed anything. Instead of declaring war to us out of a mere habit they'd have done it, because I blew up their leader. It might even have turned Fett against us. It was the same reason I wanted you to go toe to toe with the Mandalorian army rather than blowing up the planet. It was also very important that Fett would get to kill Malzic. Us interferring too much and denying her this honor would not have let her unfold her potential. By killing him, she proved her worth to her people."
"And you planned that all along!?" Shiromy frowned.
Vince grinned. "Let's just say, I made some very accurate assumptions."
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Post by squarehead93 » Fri Nov 21, 2008 10:21 pm

Malzic awoke in the dark room with a scream of equal rage and terror. Bright lights were focused on him. He was strapped down. Not that he felt he could do anything. He knew that he had been drugged. How much and on what he couldn't tell. Whoever had him didn't want him to resist.
A droid spoke. "Sir, he's coming to."
"Good' was the other figure's reply. He came into focus. Jym Vorak.
"Ah, the great Niko Malzic. Once the Emperor of the Mandalorians, someone who tried to appear in the image of the Mandalores of old. How does it feel to be totally powerless?"
"I won't do anything for you." Was all Malzic could say in reply. It was quite pathetic.
"You could at least thank me. If a member of the crew of one of my lieutenant's flagship hadn't spotted you in time, you'd be dead."
"I'm beginning to wish I was."
"But you still have so much use! For now, nobody knows you survived. For all it matters, you died over Mandalore. I want to keep it that way. They don't need to know."
Malzic repeated himself. "I won't do anything for you."
Vorak smiled. "Who said anything about doing anything for me?"
Two guards walked in and unstrapped him. They slapped on a pair of stun cuffs. The light hurt his eyes. Where was he going now?
Tyvis's shuttle arrived at the Har-Megido Defense Outpost. Har-Megido was a large space station in the Outer Rim that had been built by the Republic during the height of the Clone Wars to refuel, resupply, and repair Republic warships. Its strategic location also protected valuable shipping lanes. By the time of the Empire, the station was little more than an unimportant outpost with a skeleton crew. It was finally abandoned several years before the outbreak Galactic Civil War. The station had soon become a sort of haven for pirates, smugglers, and traders of illegal goods. After he had defected, Admiral Julius Carson used it as his base of operations, and it was converted into a Viper base once Carson joined forces with Vorak. Carson and the Vipers had generally left the criminals and their activities alone, since they benefited from it. It was the location that Vorak had given Tyvis as the place where their transaction would take place.
The station's space traffic controller contacted the shuttle. "Shuttle Chariot, you are clear for landing in docking bay C-14."
Vorak was waiting in the hangar with Malzic, drugged and cuffed, and a few soldiers in standard military uniforms and armed with old Republic-issue DC-15 rifles. This High Commander Lannarik Tyvis was no different from mos Mandos Vorak had seen, judging by his choice of transportation: a tough-looking, heavily armed Mandalorian shuttle. The craft landed and Tyvis stepped out, along with a squad of Mandalorians with Imperial-issue weapons.
"Greetings, Jym Vorak, I am High Commander Tyvis. I trust that you have something of extreme interest to me?"
"Yes," replied Vorak, who then indicated Malzic. "He's right here."
Malzic looked up at Tyvis and couldn't hide his shock. "Tyvis? You, a traitor? I thought you died at Mon Calamari. You were one of the last men I trusted! What could you possibly want from me?"
Tyvis smiled coldly. "Why Mandalore, you have an Empire to retake."
"I will not be your puppet-"
Vorak cut in. "Alright, you can settle your argument later. High Commander, your end of the deal?"
Two Mandalorians stood by Malzic, while two more brought out a large chest. "One million and five hundred thousand credits, all here." Vorak said.
Vorak's soldiers opened the crate. Vorak caught something in the corner of his eye. "Wait-"
Tyvis and his Mandalorians were taking off. "Stop!"
Vorak looked at the crate again. There was a timer counting down. Thermal detonators. 3...2...1...BOOM!
The closest soldiers were simply ripped apart. The rest of them were thrown like dolls. Vorak was thrown back hard. He gasped. Shrapnel had pierced his body. The last thing he saw before blacking out was the shuttle disappearing.
Vorak regained consciousness in a sterile white medical room. Charbacca was looking over him. He spoke in his native Shiriwook, which Vorak understood.
"They took Malzic with them?"
"And our fighters couldn't stop them?"
"Homing mines? Bastards." He screwed up his face and covered it with his hands. "Nobody cheats me in a deal like that and gets away in the end." He then said determinedly, "There's not a hole in the galaxy that tinhead can hide."
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Post by Drake26 » Sun Nov 23, 2008 10:46 pm

The Dawn popped out of hyper still going full speed, grinning as he headed for the nearest large asteroid. He used it as a slingshot to reverse his course without loosing speed, coming so close to it the rock was blurring past inches from the canopy, the G's from the maneuver crushing them into their seats. The Seraphim came out of hyper with them almost on top of it, and Jack dropped a pair of proton torpedoes into its main sensor array before it could react, then curved down along the side of the ship, inches from the hull, and, using the ships bulk to shield them from the remaining sensors, threw an abrupt course change, crushing them into the restraining straps, and slammed them back into hyper, a huge grin on his face and laughing the whole time. "I haven't gotten to play hide and seek like this in years, how log do you think it will take them to find us again?" He looked back at Mryna, and noted her pale face and wide eyes, and asked, "What you didn't think that was fun?"
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Post by General_Trageton » Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:32 am

Mryna grimaced. She hadn't had the opportunity to pull such stunts in quite a while. Even the Scorpion hadn't been able to do such maneuvers. It seemed about time she gave the ship a serious performance upgrade, once this job was over.
"I suppose five years away from any starfighter cockpit leave their traces." She stated simply, then leaned back and closed her eyes. "Just try not to sink any more proton torpedoes into my ship!"
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