Battle of the Adminis-System - Part II: The Hunt

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Re: Battle of the Adminis-System - Part II: The Hunt

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Post by Mako » Fri Jul 22, 2005 12:02 am

The battle was going superbly. Losses were at a minimum and were confined to the Fodder Squadrons alone. Things were definatly looking up when the chant that had been playing over in his head turned into a scream. A scream so bone chilling that it would have brought Mako to his knees had he not been holding onto the back of the command chair, then the chanting was silent. Looking over he could see that even though she showed no outward distress, Roscha had heard the same scream then silence that he had. "Something's wrong, very wrong."<BR> Roscha nodded. "Yes, But we must focus on the battle at hand first."<BR> "I know." Mako started to stroke his beard as was his habit when he was thinking of some hairbrained idea. "Is there a way to follow that psychic scream that we heard?"<BR> "Not directly to it's source, But I could get an approximate location."<BR> "Good, you work on that I'll see about getting this battle over with quickly. Xandra, how close is Garabald?"<BR> "He'll be here within the minute." Xandra called from her station.<BR> "Good, get on the horn and let Trageton know that we've got backup comming."<BR>Once this is over Mako found that he had some choices to make. Follow these punks to thier home or follow a trail to another threat that might be worse.
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Post by General_Trageton » Mon Jul 25, 2005 5:20 pm

<B>To be Continued...</B>
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