ATR, TRN and SHU weapons help requested

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ATR, TRN and SHU weapons help requested

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Post by AotrsCommander » Sat Feb 14, 2015 12:13 am

I wonder if I could beg some assistance. I'm in the middle of trying to get some game stats created from my homebrew system for a convention in a couple of week's time for the ATR, TRN and SHU. I've done the models (3D printed*)... just the minor issue of the stats.

Trouble is, I've got the original version of XWA. I tried before installing it on Win XP (where it is unplayable thanks to Nvidia's driver issues), and when I finally found the time to try to install it again on my Win 7 drive... XWA upgrade was down! And I can't run the basic game on Win 7 either...! (I can't even get into the skirmish mode selection screen now, I managed that the first time I tried to run it, but now it's crashing out. I have no idea what I've even done to I, and I don't have time to try chase it down (and there's little point, since I can't play it - and find out some of the data - anyway until we get the patch back up, in the fullness of time.)

I appear to have some of the basic stats (shields, speed etc) from when I conscientiously wrote everything down from when I played XWA originally (dsome thriteen years ago!) However, what I'm stick on now is the weapons.

The TRN I know has two laser, two ion cannons in the games (though in other sources, it supposedly has eight and four respectively, and I'm not quite sure which ones I should use. In my rules, being essentially modelled from XWA, having those guns would just mean it could fire for much longer without recharging, though the octuplet guns would do more damage). It has two warhead launchers, I know, which accordingly to all the wiki stats have 5 protons each (and I'm not sure what the capacity is in XWA now I can't check it up. I think it was 10 missiles, when I looked, but I'm not sure if that changes or not due to warhead type on all ships). According to my old stats for the TRN, it has 15 counter measures.

The SHU according to the same data has 15 countermeasures (and four laser cannons, which I know is right for the game-version.)

The ATR I have never had the fortune to have an model for before, so I don't even have any old stats to look at. I know it has four turrets, but I can't remember whether it has two lasers and or two ion cannons (or what) else, and as with the TRN, I'm not sure what the warhead loadout should be (again, I think in skirmish it said 10 missiles (and equivilent, which sounds like a bit of an arbitary number chosen for the game), and other sources it says eight protons. I have no idea how many counter measure it can hold...

So I was wondering, since time is starting to press me, whether I could impinge upon one of you ladies or gentlemen who have XWA running (and have it set up so you can fly the relevant craft) to have a quick look for me; the help would be greatly appreciated. (I can then attempt to determine from that what I need to tweak for my game stats to get a happy medium between sources.)

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Post by Tony Knightcrawler » Fri Mar 13, 2015 4:41 am

Hey. Getting ready for Celebration? Where are you gonna be? I could come take a look at your game.

As for the stats, you don't actually need to open up XWA to check them. There are editors out there that can read the information from the OPTs and the EXE. But it's been so many years... I think JeremyFr came out with a new editor. You might wanna check that out.

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