Battle for Naboo - Platinum Medals

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Battle for Naboo - Platinum Medals

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Post by Mark_Farlander » Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:24 pm

Hello brave pilots and tactical officers.
Have you ever played Battle for Naboo? It cannot be installed on 64 bit systems and it was never released on GOG or Steam.
When the CD version was released in 2001, Battle for Naboo was criticized due to the already dated graphics, because it had nearly the same graphics as Rogue Squadron (1998).

However, I'd like to draw your attention on an interesting aspect of this game: Platinum Medals, a reward only for the most skilled pilots.
Well, the requirements to achieve such a reward on missions where you fly the N-1 starfighter are actually nothing for pilots of your skills and training, but the most incredible fact is that the Platinum Medal requirements were hidden when you got the Gold Medal in a mission, and they remained unknown for a long time. The Plat Hunters began their "mission" in 2001 and they completed their task in 2013.
You can read the Platinum Medal Guide here: ... faqs/67082
Yes, it took 12 years to figure out which were the requirements to earn the Platinum Medal in every mission, so I thought this deserved a dedicated topic.

Of course Battle for Naboo is no match for X-Wing Alliance, and this also applies to the AI of the enemies you are facing.
The TIE Interceptors in X-Wing Alliance really try to take you down when playing Hard, whereas the Vulture-class droid starfighters in Battle for Naboo usually fly a default flight plan basically without being able to perform any evasive maneuvers, therefore getting the Platinum Medals is the only challenging thing in that game for pilots of your level of training.

By the way, my best record is 12 Platinum Medals and 6 Gold Medals. The 6 missions where I didn't earn the Platinum Medal are Mission 1: Escape from Theed, Mission 2: Neimodian Plunder, Mission 8: The Andrevea River, Mission 13: The Queen's Gambit, Mission 14: Panaka's Diversion and Mission 17: Coruscant Encounter.

It seems there is a bug in Mission 17 preventing you from getting that 68% accuracy needed to get the Platinum Medal when firing 2 Cluster Homing Proton Torpedoes against Scimitar, the Sith Infiltrator. Unfortunately there are no mission editors available for Battle for Naboo, so I cannot investigate on this one.

I found Mission 10: Search for Captain Kael the easiest Platinum Medal to earn, and this is also the only mission where you can accomplish the task the first time you play it, without the aid of Advanced Laser Technology.
Mission 3: Naboo Bayou was very easy too, and even if you cannot earn the Platinum Medal the first time you play it, there is no need for Cluster Homing Proton Torpedoes to achieve it; you only need the N-1 starfighter with Standard Homing Torpedoes.

On the other hand, Mission 7: Glacial Grave was the hardest because of the outstanding 89% accuracy required. Time requirement is not on your side too.
Another mission where it's very hard to get the Platinum Medal is Mission 12: Liberation of Camp 4, but there is a mission bug you can exploit at your advantage: the mission time recorded to get the medals only starts when you are on the Heavy STAP. The time you previously spent flying the N-1 starfighter doesn't count.
I guess this bug comes from the fact that Mission 12 had been designed as 2 missions in just 1. In fact it's longer than the others.
Moreover, there are 19 missions in Rogue Squadron, but only 18 missions in Battle for Naboo.

What about you, pilots? How many Platinum Medals did you earn? And in which missions? I would be honored to hear from your endeavors.

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