Making the Skirmishes more "Mission like"

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Making the Skirmishes more "Mission like"

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Post by sncollie » Tue Jan 31, 2017 5:29 am

I've developed a little trick that uses the "temp.tie" file to make skirmishes more like a real mission (plus it gets rid of those target boxes around friendly craft). I learned about that trick here in regards to playing Campaign missions in MP.

I created a template mission that starts you in the hangar, and has one Hyper-Buoy to Region 2, and a return Buoy to region 1. The start region has a few ships in formation with your mother-ship (for ambiance). I also added a "reinforcements flight" in case I need it.

I create a Skirmish, fly it, and quit immediately to create the temp.tie file. I then Alt-Tab back into AlliED and open it up. I set the Player flights to AI, or delete them all together, and then copy ALL the rest (including backgrounds) to the FG library.

Then I open my Template mission and paste that FG into the second Region. I then save it as the first mission in the Mission.lst (1B0M1FW.TIE) and play it through the Tour list in the simulator.

A few wonky things, though. Capture missions don't really go to well unless you modify your side's orders correctly...otherwise they usually blow up what needs to be captured.

I know it's alot of work just to play the exact same thing, but to me, I always liked starting in the hangar and returning to base. This allows me quickly setup a skirmish and play it like a real mission...since I have limited mission building expertise. :)

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

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