Name David Anderberg
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Projects Thrawn Trilogy Shipset (NR Campaign and hopefully an Imperial Campaign)

I've been into Star Wars since I was about 5. When I was in elementary school I used to pretend I was Han Solo the Next Generation, and I had this neat ship (which is the Calibrun in my Thrawn Shipset). I started reading some of the extended universe stuff, starting with the Zahn trilogy, and it blew me away. At the same time my brother got X-wing, it was incredible to me. I've been on the X-wing internet scene ever scince XvT was new, but I only knew how to edit missions. I was trying to find a Thrawn Shipset, but nobody seemed to be doing one, so I started my own. MJT taught me how to make opts, and I been going from there.

Other Stuff: I'm also interested in Music, preferably Pearl Jam, real jazz, (meaning Kenny G sucks sucks sucks, and Miles Davis rules, rules, rules) and a variety of Rock. Classical is great too, but I'm not really into it. I work at a Rite Aid, and that really sucks a big one! I'm attending community college (Yah!) and hope to go to Eastern Washing University next year.
That's my life.

General Starfighters
R-41 Starchaser
Imperial Starships
Immobilizer 418-class Interdictor Cruiser
Work in Progress: