Main Pack installation


Step 1: Install the Main Patch

XWAU 2024

(MD5 hash: 2e5ec76589112b83f9cc2a52a64afc20)

No additional patches are available for XWAU 2024 right now


!! Note that XWAU 2024 is currently not compatible with the TFTC !!

There will be a new version of the TFTC supporting the 2024 version. In the meantime you can head over to the Legacy Download Page to find XWAU 2020 with all it's patches. (You will only need the mega patch for the TFTC)


Optional Installs

X-Wing Alliance Mod Manager
X-Wing Alliance Manager is a tool to easily manage your XWA installations.
Below you can find additional information about the current version of the XWAU
Known issues
If there are any known problems then we will post them here. Plus fixes if available.
Beginners Help
In our Forum we have created a post that will give you a simple quick guide to the X-Wing Alliance Upgrade.

Beta Versions

Here you can find optional additional betas of installers. Currently only blue_max's effects are available
*ATTENTION* Obviously everything on the page is 'install at our own risk' but keep in mind that these files are mostly untested and have a higher chance to cause issues!
Beta Effects Version 2 by Blue Max's Version 2024-07-08
More experimental, but should in most cases be working

Additional Files

Again, these are really only for modding ressources. You should head over the the Hooks-Section of the Wiki to find out more
XWA Hooks Setup
Most of the XWAU improvements run via Hooks. The necessary ones are included in our downloads but they are updated often.
This is a tool to easily download the latest Hooks. More info can be found in the Wiki or in the Forum
MXvTEd v4.2
(MD5 hash: 3e1b508ff46ee8afd087f78791fb9a11)

This Editor allows you to install new Opts and adjust settings in the XWA executable.
JeremyaFr's xwa_ddraw_d3d11 Git Hub Page
JeremyaFr's most current ddraw_d3d version serves as foundation for all visual effects and the most recent versions can be downloaded on his GitHub if needed.
XWA Piloteer
(MD5 hash: 2a6385e0ff3c0b5a49554d4cf269a80f)

A simple editor to change some details in your Pilot file.
Allied Mission Editor (link to Troy's page)

The classic mission editor which allows you to create your own custom missions.
YOGEME (Link to GitHub Page)

A newer mission editor that supports lots of the XWAU improvements.

XwaToolsDownloader is a tool to easily download the editing tools for X-Wing Alliance. Currently it includes the following:

  • Bin Hex Edit v2
  • Color Hex Converter
  • OPTech v2
  • Xwa Backup Restorer
  • Xwa Cbm Editor
  • Xwa Dat Editor
  • Xwa Exe Patcher
  • Xwa Hull Icon Generator
  • Xwa Imc Editor
  • Xwa Mission 3D Viewer
  • Xwa Opt Editor
  • Xwa Opter v2
  • Xwa Snm Converter
  • Xwa Spec Rci Editor
  • Zt Creator Patcher

This new TgSmush.dll permits to play high definition custom cutscenes, with added support for mp4 files. This dll includes the code of XWA Cutscene Replacer (XCR) written by Isildur.
Reimar's xwa_ddraw_d3d11 Git Hub Page

Reimar's most current ddraw_d3d works with X-wing, TIE Fighter and XvT to improve how they run.
It is already included in our Mega Patch updates.