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TrackIR workaround

Posted: Tue Apr 21, 2020 12:46 am
by blue_max
UPDATE (May 22, 2020): Before trying the procedure below, make sure you run the game directly with xwingalliance.exe instead of using the launcher. Some users have reported that the launcher messes up TrackIR.

Last week, someone reported problems trying to use the native TrackIR support that I put in the CockpitLook hook. We could not find the root cause of the problem; but we did find a workaround and this person was able to play the game with it.

So, if TrackIR isn't working for you, try the following:

1. Install FreePIE:

2. Download the following file:

3. The ZIP above contains two files: CockpitLook.cfg and Make a backup copy of your CockpitLook.cfg (it should be in your XWA install directory) and replace it with the CockpitLook.cfg from the ZIP file.

4. Run FreePIE.

5. In FreePIE go to File -> Open and select the "" script from the ZIP file.

6. Open TrackIR and start tracking your headset.

7. In FreePIE, go to Script -> Run Script. The window at the bottom should display values read from TrackIR. If not, check that TrackIR is running properly.

8. Leave TrackIR and FreePIE running, and run XWA. Tracking should work now.

Honestly, I don't like this very much. I prefer to have native TrackIR support and there's been only one reported instance of this issue; but I put this here in case someone needs it.

The lines in the "" script that begin with "diagnostics" are not really necessary -- they are just for debugging purposes. You may delete these lines once you're confident your setup is working properly.