[OPTing] XWA Opt Pilot Fixer - Tool

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[OPTing] XWA Opt Pilot Fixer - Tool

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Ace Antilles
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Post by Ace Antilles » Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:27 pm

XwaOptPilotFixer is a new tool created by JeremyaFr.
It fixes an issue that affects the rotating Pilot Heads in the game that I found with older opts and currently up to XWAUCP v1.6.
Don't worry full fixes will be available in the next large craft patch.

If you look at a different Wing-man in his ship you might see his head go all Exorcist and turn too far around.
It's a minor issue that's really only visible in the Wing-man pilots over the main Exterior.


With help from a tester the reason for this was discovered. It's due to a difference in the old "vanilla" ways the Pilot head worked, compared to the improved Hooks we use today.
On the original vanilla XWA X-wing R2 Head and pilot head are both setup as RotaryCommunicationSystem, so they would rotate in a vanilla game.
Jeremy's Pilot Hook added the ability to select whatever mesh you wish rotating. Having the mesh set to RotaryCommunicationSystem now conflicts with the Hook.
Basically the mesh is trying to do one thing while the Pilot Hook is telling it to do another, this is why you get the "Exorcist Effect" with the pilot head

Any craft that has a Pilots Head or Droid Head set to RotaryCommunicationSystem will have the same effect. The simplest fix if you are creating your own Opts is to change the RotaryCommunicationSystem mesh to MainHull which fixes it.

JeremyaFr though, being the genius that he is, whipped up a tool in no time that actually automates this fix super fast for you.
Here's a description of how it works.
JeremyaFr wrote:
Mon Aug 03, 2020 8:26 pm

XwaOptPilotFixer scans all OPT files in a selected directory and fixes a bug related to the mesh type of the meshes used by the pilot mesh animation.

It changes the mesh type from RotaryCommunicationSystem to MainHull for all pilot related meshes.
For the base and exterior OPT, the tool reads "Pilot.txt" or the "Pilot" section of the ini file for that OPT.
For the cockpit OPT, the tool reads "PilotCockpit.txt" or the "PilotCockpit" section of the ini file. if the PilotCockpit data don"t exist, the tool reads the data for the base OPT ini or txt file.
The fixed OPT is stored in a "FixedOpts" directory. Only the modified OPT are saved.
So if you are an OPT creator take a look at your ships and change the Pilot head meshes or see if XwaOptPilotFixer fixes it for you instead.
As this is minor issue full corrected Opts for any XWAU ships will be available in the next large craft patch.
Thanks to Jeremy for creating the tool and I hope this information helps any Opt creators :)
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Post by Ronin65 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 3:54 am

You could of mentioned that the "FixedOpts" folder is saved within the folder of the actual XwaOptPilotFixer-1.0 tool and NOT within the games Flightmodels directory

Tried the tool 3 times, and looked for the "FixedOpts" folder within the Flightmodels folder and the main XWA folder, I couldn't find it, I was about to report that the tool didn't work, but then and only by chance I happened to look in the Tools XwaOptPilotFixer-1.0 folder again, and behold there it was, the fabled "FixedOpts" folder!

Proper instructions might help :)

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Post by Trevor » Tue Aug 04, 2020 11:02 am

All Jereme's tools save in their own folders, none save anything to XWA.

While it would be nice to have a "Its safe, just do it" option, I see why he saves to his own folder and at least 2 reasons are:
Permissions- Does each tool have permission to save in XWA folder? Will Defender block it? Does it now need Admin rights?
Backups - People like to backup their old versions first so save doing a full re-install if something goes wrong.


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Post by Ronin65 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 11:35 am

:D Just saying it would have been nice to read where the "FixedOpts" folder was created, the tool asks you to select a folder containing opt files, so my assumption was that the tool saved to the same location.

In the readme it just says "The fixed OPTs are stored in a directory named "FixedOpts"." which isn't very specific, a little more info would be appreciated. :)

Out of curiosity, which of Jeremy's other tools save to there own folder? Could you be more specific please?

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