Architecture: Vince's Apartment

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Architecture: Vince's Apartment

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Post by Vince T » Wed Mar 19, 2014 11:34 pm

OK, this actually got me since I've been a little lad: drawing any sort of crazy floor plans.
A while back I already posted what I deemed the later Mryna Qhalic's Mansion(or penthouse) on Bricera - a design I actually came up with while dreaming about being on a party in that place (TRUE STORY, seriously!)

Now, recently my parents are working on building a house of their own and me, provided with the plans, agreed to build a model of the place to facilitate the planning.

Well, just recently had another of those dreams and woke up with a new design in my head. So I went back to the drawing board and here goes the result: Vince Trageton's first apartment on Bricera. With approx. 190 m² it's not exactly the usual wing commander's shack but then again, Vince had some influencial benefactors and a rich(if dead) dad...
The furniture was made after the pieces I actually have standing in my real life place, used them for planning before moving in. I don't think Vince actually plays piano....
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