New @Space Engineers: Raptor-class Frigate

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New @Space Engineers: Raptor-class Frigate

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Post by Vince T » Mon Sep 04, 2017 10:40 pm

Heh, I woder, if anyone still remembers this thing! Also one my earliest works for XWA. Along with the obvious changes required by Space Engineers, I have also given the thing some thoughts and pretty much re-written its background, now aligning it with the Khetaris Concern League (KCL) rather than Cophuranee or Briceran forces, especially since its design pretty much escapes that of either faction.
Derived from an armed freighter this medium-sized capital ship is used by Khetarian corporate militia as well as concern officials as a mobile base of operations to protect their most valuable assets in pirate infested sectors. Incorporating a host of offensive and defensive weaponry for area superiority its large forward hangar offers space for fighters or supply craft.

Raptor Frigates are to be regarded a hybrid between a frigate and a destroyer. While their slender shape seems disadvantageous under direct assault, it also reduces their overall profile, compensating for only moderate shielding. On the offensive the spread-out weapon layout allows for a wide firing arc for a majority of the ship's weapons.

- atmosphere-capable and mostly survival-ready. (Parachutes are a post-finish addition so they're not connected to the conveyor system)
- Hangar bay & external refueling connector
- fully funcitonal red-alert and lockdown system, which can be toggled on and off. (Really happy how that turned out)
In addition to this, I have implemented a kill switch which will self-destruct the engine section, whereas the front section will remail pressurized and maneuverable, capable of making it to the nearest planet.
I HIGHLY recommend using this in combination with the DraygoKorvan's Jump Drive Critical Explosion mod, as this will completely annihilate the rear half and pretty much cut it clean off at the blast doors.

As usual with my ships, it's completely mod-free, safe for a few scripts for displays and doors. I have left a few spare timers and program blocks, if need be.

A note regarding Performance:
As this model uses quite a few timers and scripts, you may, upon spawning, experience a bit of a hiccup and slowdown until everything has loaded up properly. This'll take about 10-15 seconds. After that it should run smoothly again.

So, without further ado, here's the workshop link: CLICKIE!

That's all for now, now go out there and have fun!
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