How to request help or post a bug

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How to request help or post a bug

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Post by Forceflow » Wed Jun 24, 2020 7:51 am

Hi folks,

in case you need technical help or stumbled across a bug please report that in the Help Channels 'Bug Reports / Help Requests' sub-forum.

If you are posting in the Help section please adhere to the following rules:
  1. Please start the post either with a [Bug] or [Help] tag as the title to better identify what kind of issue you are seeing.
  2. If you feel your situation has been resolved please edit your initial post and add the full reply of the post solving your issue as a quote below it. This helps other people with the same issue to quickly find the solution. Also adjust your title and add the [Solved] tag to it
  3. If you are experiencing a technical issue please be specific and add as much information to your post as possible e.g.:
    1. Which version of the game are you running (e.g. GOG, Steam, CD...), where is the game installed to?
    2. Which OS are you running
    3. What (if any) additional installers do you have in place? (XWAUCP1.6, additional crafts, additional effects, etc) If you remember please check the order in which they were installed.
    4. Have you made sure to install the latest hooks with the Hook Setup Tool
    5. If the game crashes please include the crash data. This can be found in the Event Viewer in Windows under the Application Section. A guide on how to use the event viewer can be found on
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