Squadrons has Launched - Interest in a new Tournament?

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Squadrons has Launched - Interest in a new Tournament?

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Post by Griffin » Sat Oct 03, 2020 3:11 pm

Any interest in a Crusade Tournament with Squadrons? Let me know what your thoughts are on the rules below:

4 teams at the start. Battles would be based on the built in Fleet battles that Squadrons already has, so no custom battles. This always pits the Empire vs Rebels\New Republic. This means there couldn't be 2 empire or 2 rebel teams playing as if they were to battle each other, one would have to play as the side they didn't choose. To over come this, adding in 2 additional sides:

Rebellion: Always rebel in battles
Empire: Always empire in battles
Corrupt Side: Rebel against Empire, otherwise Empire against Rebellion and Neutral Systems.
Neutral Systems: Empire against Rebellion, otherwise Rebellion against Empire and Corrupt Side.

Each side starts with 1 Fleet. When moving the Fleet, each space on the map represents 1 turn. 1 new Fleet is generated at the team's home planet every 5 turns. 1 new Fleet is generated for every 2 planets a teams owns every 5 turns. The team may place the fleets generated by non-home planets at any planet they choose that does not already have a fleet. A team cannot have 2 of their fleets at the same planet.

Victory conditions: First team to control 9 planets, or last team still in game.
Failure condition: Losing home planet. The home planets are in each corner of the map.

Early idea for the (small) map layout (will make it look nice at a later date once design finalized):
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