Reaper became Revenant, new ship called Reaper.

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Reaper became Revenant, new ship called Reaper.

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Post by Xogroroth » Sun Apr 03, 2022 6:39 pm

Hail all:

At Mr. Vince T.

Before anything, I am a 52 (on June, 12th, I am from '70), LONG time Role Player in various forms, including D6 and D20 Pen and Paper RP, with severe Asperger's (Autism, now called ASS) and severe ADHD.

The "Revenant" once was called Reaper, and I like it, got used to it.
Now, this ... flat oddity called Reaper stole it's previous owner's name.

Now, due to my Asperger's, I absolutely hate renaming, when it makes no sense, or when there's no decent reason for it.
And this, is precisely such a case.

Renaming when it is actually needed is one thing, but still DARN confusing and thus frustrating.
When done like here, with no need nor reason, it becomes just ... way beyond the the line before mentioned frustration.
If a rename is needed, then it is that, needed, otherwise it is just ... aaargh!!! ... .

Now, I am aware, sir, you are it's creator, and thus you have all rights, however, there are certain parties, like autistic people, out there, that do have issues with such renaming.
I bumped into the old named Reaper but it being a totally different ship, I made an angry comment, and had to learn of the renaming by being set straight.

Set straight, yes, but therefore not just accepted.
To me, the old "Quad-Vampire-Winged beast" will always be the true Reaper, and I sincerely hope, you restore it's former name, and call the new, flat thingie the Revenant, or Superfly for all I care, as long as the ol' Reaper has been done the justice it deserves ... .

I hope that I did not come over as just the next ol' nagger, and that you understand the reasoning behind my post, good sir.

Also, many, many thanks for all you did to the Star Wars community, it is very much appreciated by me.

Kindest regards:
Ben Floris Robberecht, AKA Xogroroth.

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Vince T
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Post by Vince T » Sun Apr 03, 2022 7:13 pm

Dear Xogroroth,

thank you for your feedback and appreciation! I understand your frustration and can sympathize with this name change causing you trouble, given your condition. I can assure you I did not change the ship's name on a whim or for no reason. In fact I had very good reason to do so:

Since my original TIE Reaper was and still is a fan-made design, I have not made any attempts to the rights to its name in the first place. That new "flat ship" as you mentioned it, is an official licensed Star Wars design that was introduced by Lucasfilm as part of the movie Rogue One and, subsequently, in numerous licenced books, comics and games (The name was first introduced in SW: Galaxy of Heroes). To avoid any potential legal trouble with Lucasfilm or, for that matter, the Walt Disney Company, I decided to proactively change the name of my ship from TIE Reaper to TIE Revenant.

Again, I am sorry if this causes you grief, but renaming my ship - or being so bold as to requesting Disney to rename their design, I can and will not do. At the end of the day, LFL and Disney hold all the rights.

BTW I'm moving this thread to the VXHQ forum further down the list, this has nothing to do with the XWA Upgrade mod.

Vince T
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