[B6M4] - Battle 6 Mission 4: Rescue Bothan Spies

Here we can have in-depth discussions about which missions need to be adjusted because they are broken either by original design or by XWA models.
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[B6M4] - Battle 6 Mission 4: Rescue Bothan Spies

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Post by Geoffman72 » Tue Sep 13, 2022 6:15 am

Anyone run this lately on hard? I must be on my 30 or 40th attempt trying just about everything that someone playing these games off and on for 30yrs can.

Go in normally, inspect first, engage INT - wingmen all die (except invulnerable X-Wing in all cases), I get swarmed and die
Go in full power to engines so I'm opening up on the TIEs with the A-Wings - wingman still all die, but slower, I get swarmed and die
Go in normally, inspect first, engage TIEs - wingmen all die, I get swarmed and die

Fast forward to the last few runs where I went in full speed at the INT til TIEs noticed me, then pulled them as far as 40km away while my shields came back up (if they had gotten low). Then spin around, take out a TIE or two, evade, and keep making passes that way using my invulnerable wingmate to keep taking TIEs out near them.

After 30 minutes though, all civilian craft hyper out anyways. Not sure if this is a intended fail timer or not. Even if you inspect everything first, it won't give mission credit if they hyper out at this time.

Just once I managed to get a more proper mission flow going. Once the INT was out of the picture, I couldn't go after the bombers hard enough due to TIEs being all over me.

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