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There are certain things to be done, once you have completed your OPT with either Ace_DXF or OPTech.

Transparency & Illumination

While OPTech v1.1 includes these functions, so far OPT Enhancer was the more reliable tool for this.

Shading correction

A newer program named XWA OPTer or OPTFix may be used to improve the OPTs visual appearance ingame, as it corrects various shading errors, that usually occurr with OPTs ingame. The way to use it is rather simple:

  1. select and load the OPT you wish to fix
  2. Wait for the three progress bars to reach 100%. The program will also inform you about any problematic faces it fixed.
  3. Click Save. The program will by default save the new file with the suffix '9' (In the programs author's mother language French 9 is written neuf, which also means 'new')

Important: For some reason it is important that you run XWA OPTer AFTER running the OPT Enhancer, as it will apparently override or even negate any illumination or transparency effects added to textures.